Thursday, June 7, 2012

What is ASDF - Part One

     What ASDF means, is a total enigma.Through times people wondered what is ASDF and who invented it.Until now.Recently top secret documents were made public,only at a bunch of blind people in a local store from Springfield,but that is not important.Or they went blind after?That's not important either.What really matter is that ASDF has been made public!The truth came out into light.Here is all the data from the documents.


  •   has a twin brother called QWER
  •   has a younger twin brother-from-another-mother called asdf
  •   has a twin cousin called ZXCV
  •   has a twin step brother called ASDFg
  •   has only twin relatives
  •   has one fan: women population
  •   would cast Chuck Norris or Justin Bieber in Twilight  to kill the movie in one way or another
  •   removed Justin Bieber in the last minute from cast.Nobody hates Twilight that much.
  •   is always written,never spelled.Spelling ASDF would be a onceinalifetime mistake
  •   is awesomer than a nyan unicorn pooping Christmas carols 
  •   is a cold blooded Tooth Fairies lover
  •   seen all the New > Text Document from around the globe
  •   will live forever
  •   actually ASDF will outlive Chuck Norris.
  •   is ironing his shirts with Justin Bieber's chest.
  •   invented the Maya Calendar
  •   is playing Diablo 3 with Diablo
  •   tortured Justien Bieber with Frank Sinatra music
  •   works perfect on a white T-Shirt
  •   is the most common password
  •   is a key on Justin Bieber's keyboard.The only one.Chuck Norris took care.
  •   has a Facebook account with his younger twin brother asdf
  •   is what you type in the subject when you have no subject